2012 was a great year, so many great bands, so much great music. I really hope the next years can keep up with that. This list represents the 10 releases I listened to the most. To make it a little easier I sorted them alphabetically.

BLIGHTED - Deliberate

CONVERGE - All We Love We Leave Behind

DEAD NEANDERTHALS - Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalkap



NAPALM DEATH - Utilitarian


THEDOWNGOING - Athousandyearsofdarkness


VØID WØRSHIP - Demo 2012

Of course there are way more great releases this year: ANAAL NATHRAKH, BEYOND PINK, DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT, GREEDY MOUTH, NACHTMYSTIUM, NEUROSIS, PIG DETROYER, SCAPHE, SIX BREW BANTHA, WAKE, WATER TORTURE have all released great albums, EP's, splits and whatnot. And I guess there's loads of stuff that I just missed.

THANKS and HAIL to all of you who keep the undergound alive! You're awesome!



RAPE REVENGE describe themselves as a "feminist queer vegan straight edge band from Calgary". Pissed  rabid ultraviolent one might add. The level of aggression is extraordinaryly high.

The members of RR are all involved in various social projects of all kinds giving them enough topics they write their songs about. Frontlady Samantha expresses her anger towards the social and political injustice we're all facing with bloodcurdling screams, supported by guitars that construct a quite dissonant building on the solid foundation that are bass and drums. The sound is brilliantly balanced giving every intrument the necessary definition without losing the raw edges that powerviolence needs.

If you like any kind of aggressive fast music, do yourself a favour and buy this awesome 7" on vinyl or download it via bandcamp. "Paper Cage" is one of the best releases of 2012!



DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT - Superlove/Superfuck

A new release by the DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT. The last one, Krybbedod, was beyond creepy and the most excrutiating release this year so far. So why even bother and give this a shot? Because I refuse to wuss out!

And though this oddly named piece of sound is still noise and drums scrunched by distortion it seems more accessible than it's predecessor. The four tracks are blazing their trail to your brain to play catch with your mind. And, frankly, your mind will lose. A subtle illusion of structure that isn't there, the hunch of a melody that you didn't hear leaving you both stumped and inquiring at the same time, eager to unravel the sensations that pure noise is able to give you.

You ready for a game that you can't win? Download Superlove/Superfuck for free on the Architect's Bandcamp.




Third release this year by ETS, a band that was just founded last year by singer Justine Siân Jones and guitarist/singer Sammy Urwin, who are currently looking for a drummer to play some live gigs.

"Long Time Dead" is reducing their music to the bone and mincing the carnal leftovers to a rabid mixture of underground noise. Post-HC, Grindcore, Powerviolence or, as EMPLOYED TO SERVE say themseleves, "ugly music for an ugly world". Hell yeah, just as ugly as we all like our music.

Please support this very promising band and download "Long Time Dead" at a price you name on their Bandcamp, you will not regret it!




Live, Nov 02, 2012 (Gießen, Germany)

Due to endless rushhour traffic jams I unfortunately miss FUELED BY FIRE and arrive only just in time to see NILE play a furious set covering both older and newer material. The sound could be a little better and the band could be a little more enthusiastic on stage, nevertheless the Egyptologists blast their brutal technical Death Metal to the audience who are celebrating the band with some ruthless mosh pits.

MORBID ANGEL are next on stage and what a freaking blast it is to see these guys perform an old school set that makes you wet your pants. The performance is cool, the sound is exellent and the songs are nothing less than a lesson in how Death Metal has to be played! MORBID ANGEL's immortal rites make us fall from grace and during the 75 minute set we're all pulled under to where the slime live until we meet our gods of emptiness. Awesome show from Alpha to Omega!

After this morbid inferno the stage is covered behind a big curtain on which during the intro pictures from KREATOR's history are projected. When the curtain falls the band introduce us to the Phantom Antichrist as a start for a best-of show. A cool stage-setting and a lavish light show complete the band's ass-kicking performance and so, after raising the flag of hate with our tormentor, every single fan is leaving the arena already looking forward to the KREATOR's return! 

This is definitely one of the best line ups in extreme metal in the last years touring Europe for two months! If you have the opportunity to see these four bands somewhere, don't you dare miss it!



The DYSTOPIAN ARCHITECT is a project from the Netherlands containing drums, vocals and noise. And distortion. Tons of distortion. Literally everything is distorted beyond recognition. The hellish shrieks- distorted! The drums- distorted!! Even the noise itself, distorted!!!

Krybbdod  is pursueing just one objective, to grind your synapses to shreds. And it does hell of a job. Five unnamed tracks- recorded as a tribute to Norwegian Noisegrinders BLODSPRUT- torture your nervous system for 4 minutes and 16 Seconds.

If you feel strong enough to survive this unbelievably excruciating piece of  audio terrorism listen to and download KRYBBEDOD here! But you have been warned!



VØID WØRSHIP - Demo 2012

No matter how much you may roll your eyes sick of all those new sub-genre tags made up to characterize a band's sound- "Funeral Grind" seems like the perfect description of what VØID WØRSHIP are getting us into.

The terrific sound of this demo features the perfect mix of buzzing guitars, distorted basslines, rattling drums and a voice from way more than six feet under ground creating an inferno ranging between droning maelstrom and berserk vortex. The ultimate soundtrack to your worst enemy's funeral!

You can download this highly original piece of noise at a price you name here!



HUNTRESS - Spell Eater

The biggest hype in metal this year so far: Fronted by Playboy model, high society DJ and trained opera singer Jill Janus just one video for Eight Of Swords was enough for the band to sign Naplam Records and release their debut album.

The frontwitch claims she's been a metal fan forever and always wanted to form a spiritual metal band while all that other stuff she did was just for financial reasons. I am not really buying that, but everybody has to decide for themselves.

BUT- there is just something about that album that keeps casting spells on me. I've been listening to Spell Eater a lot and there is something that I can't quite explain. Is it the slight Mercyful Fate vibe, the subtle black metal quotes, Jill's erratic voice that oscillates between nerve-racking shrieks and honeyed tones? I just don't know.

All I know is that I don't really want to like this album but somehow I can't help but do.



DEAD NEANDERTHALS - Jazzhammer / Stormannsgalskap

It sounds different from anything you heard of dutch Sax-Grinders DEAD NEANDERTHALS so far. No more short harsh eruptions- just two monolithic tracks, each almost 10 minutes long.

JAZZHAMMER is one unholy matrimony of highspeed drums and a droning sax, STORMANNSGALSKAP a weird battle of a nervous beat pattern and multilayered sax screams.

Somehow disturbing at first listen it gets more and more absorbing and mind blowing the further you go in for it.

Listen to and buy Jazzhammer/Stormannsgalskap here. You won't regret it!