This third official full length by Bay Area based Metal outfit Bosse-de-Nage has been out a while but it had to grow on me. When heard III for the first time I was confused. What is this supposed to be? Black Metal? Post Rock? Alternative? It took me a while to realize that B-d-N don't give a rat's ass about genre conventions, let alone any boundaries a certain musical style might bring. Only when I caught up on that I started enjoying what I heard.

III is the grim reaper shooting ahead with the gloves off taking an occasional breather only to come back at you even fiercer than before. No matter if B-d-N blast their spells on you or carry you away on a melodic wave, they compound seemingly conflicting faces to one quite special big picture.

Great album with a dynamic sound supporting both faces of the beast. Keep an eye on this band that we're hopefully going to hear more of.


DEAD LIKE ME vs GERDA - Me And Gerda Are Both Dead Like You

French Mathcore versus Italian Noise. While DEAD LIKE ME (France) slap us around three times with brutal in your face Core, GERDA (Italy) try to dissamble our heads with just one rather complex Noise song. Both bands are transporting an attitude of negativity pulling you into that maelstrom of absolute agony with no hope of escape. Ever.

After listening to this you just know that there is absolutely no way but down from here. But why cry over the inevitable. Accept the facts, smirk and press the repeat button knowing we're at least going down with the perfect soundtrack.

You can buy this incredible split via Left Hand Records or stream/download the digital version here.